Biden Takes Few Questions During Unscheduled Brief Campaign Trip

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden on Monday didn’t have any campaign events scheduled until late afternoon where he made an unscheduled stop from his basement of Wilmington, DE to cross the border of Chester, PA.

During his brief speech criticizing the Trump administration’s coronavirus response, Biden gave reporters a rare opportunity to ask questions.

Here are the four questions the traveling campaign embeds asked the Democratic nominee:

“You’ve kept a relatively light public schedule in the past few days, can you give us a sense of how much you’ll be traveling in the next few days?” 

“Are you confident enough with your standing in states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan? Are you expanding the map by traveling to Iowa?”

“You said as part of your commission you would look into how long justices serve on the court. Does that mean you’re open to term limits?”

“Do you have any reaction to President Trump planning an outdoor event at the White House tonight to celebrate the anticipated confirmation of Judge Barrett?”

The Biden campaign shortly after the former Vice President was asked about the imperative White House Supreme Court event for Judge Amy Coney Barrett wrapped up the presser, despite Biden willingness to take up more questions. Ultimately none of the questions end up asking Biden about his son, Hunter Biden NY Post controversy Laptop From Hell stories.

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Biden Raises Idea of Rotating Supreme Court Justices
Biden Takes Few Questions During Unscheduled Brief Campaign Trip

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